Livium is a virtual universe whose mission is to spread happiness and love through selected heroes with unique individuals who will be responsible wholeheartedly for carrying out the mission. Our ultimate goal in embracing more heroes without a doubt for a new universe through technology.


Become a competitive, quality, competent vtuber agency and control the resources and marketing network at home and abroad.
To be a formidable vtuber agency in Indonesia on a scalable scale national, reliable, innovative and competitive and able to develop healthy and independent.
Become the Most Update Solution Agency that provides the best content and carried out Professionally by experts in Retail, Human Resource and Content Management.


Optimizing agency value, shareholder contribution and responsibility social
Expanding value-added products
Realizing harmonization and better communication to all parties
Make viewer satisfaction a top priority through quality content
Empower professional company management and improve resource competence human power
Develop professional human resources
Prioritize timely and efficient performance to achieve success together
Increase company value through creativity and integrity by developing Competent HR
Provide the best service from any given job with high standards
Carry out the principle of RQS (Quick Response, Best Quality, Excellent Services) in provide services to talents

Meet Our Staff



Creative Division

Pandu Abby Putra Afriza

CEO & Founder

Luthfi Rifqi Gumilar

COO & Founder

Rio Herpiyan Aditya

Art Director

Timothy Stefan Tomatala

Video Director

Azhar Fauzi Junior

Design Director