img-talent Cyber Mechanic Race : Human Height : 168cm A mechanic who's specialize on making advanced robots and vehicles. Has a little robot friend named given by her father when she was a child as a birthday present. don't you dare touch her lil robot friend unless you want a screwdriver to stay in your stomach. "What!?, you broke your car again.. I guess it's another job for me" Illustrator : Kansla Live2D : Peter Parkour
img-talent Speedy Mail Girl Race : Pigeon Height : 153 cm An extremely speedy messenger pigeon. a lot of people using her delivery service which then she named by "pigeon express" even so, she could easily getting lost and her compass does literally...nothing. "I'am the fastest birb in the world" Illustrator2 : Capeta Live2D2 : Ragowolf
img-talent Yuura Yozakura Race : Red Panda Height : 146cm Due to her small appearance, a lot of people often underestimate her power on her prime she's able to defeat hundreds of mafias and gangsters and finally known as the legend of the red cherry blossom. Just don't call her shortie or ask her age... just dont!. "素敵な出会いは人お変わる事ができる。おぬし、わしの旅館に来ないか?" Illustrator : Ikazu401 Live2D : Kuroichigo
img-talent Camper from the Future Race : Human Height : 162cm Comes from the earth years 2045 Craving and adoring the beautiness of the nature where it's almost impossible to find in her timeline. she says that she loves camping and hiking, but actually it's just a reason for her to stay away from social life. "Marilah mendaki gunung bersamaku" Illustrator : Rifuki Live2D : Saika Furi
img-talent Royal Commander Race : Human Height : 172cm A military commander that leads more than 1000 armies Born in a royal family with very luxury life, but she rather choose the tough way and become a soldier. don't be fooled by her appearance, she's actually collecting cute plushies in her room. "I won't be tolerating even to the tiniest threat" Illustrator : Biittertaste Live2D : Kuroichigo